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Old helmet - Mojácar - the Old Helmet of Mojácar remains just as in its origins with its streets narrow and raised and their beautiful decorated white houses with flowers. In its environs they deserve special mention the Parochial Church of Santa Maria, the City council and the Source Blackberry, without forgetting to us the beautiful viewpoints of the New Place and the Castle.

City council - Mojácar - the City council of Mojácar is located inside a building located in the Place of the City council, place where it honors his huge centennial tree.

Parochial church of Santa Maria - Mojácar - the Parochial Church of Santa Maria, located in the Place of Parterre, was raised in century XVI on the rest of one old mosque. It is a temple strength of Renaissance style, realised with great sillares of stone, that emphasizes by its tower, recovered at the beginning of century XX. Before the church is the Statue of the Mojaquera. Monument of Cultural Interest has been declared.

Statue of the Mojaquera - Mojácar - the Statue of the Mojaquera is before located the Church Parochial of Santa Maria. One is a statue of a woman realised in marble, dressed in the typical suit long ago, that maintains the Arab handkerchief that covers part with its face and in its head it takes a pitcher, used supplying water to the inhabitants.

Estatua de la Mojaquera - Mojácar

Place New - Viewpoint - Mojácar - the New Place of Mojácar was constructed at the end of completely reconstructed century XVI and in the middle of century XX. All the place is a spectacular viewpoint of the Valley of Pyramids, the mountain ranges of Goatherd, Almagrera and Bédar, and of the Mediterranean Sea. Of left to right. they are possible to be descried Turre. To forbid. The Striking ones. Side. Pulley. Caves of Almanzora. Villaricos. the Aguas river. the kitchen gardens In its interior is the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Dolores.

Plaza Nueva - Mirador - Mojácar

Hermitage of the Virgin of the Dolores - Mojácar - the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Dolores is located in the New Place. It was risen in century XVI, on the rest of one old mosque, and reconstructed in century XVIII. It is of private property and at present in his interior there is a store of souvenirs.

Castle of Mojácar - Mojácar - the Castle of Mojácar is located on a hill, in the highest part of the population, Place of the Castle. It was constructed in reformed century XIII and in centuries XV and XVI. At present one is in state of ruins. In the middle of the past century an Auditorium was constructed on its ruins where the different week ends are realised musical concerts.

Viewpoint of the Castle - Mojácar - In the neighborhood of the Castle of Mojácar emphasizes a beautiful viewpoint, well-known like Viewpoint of the Castle, that is complemented with the located one in the New Place. From their environs panoramic ones of all the population and the mojaquera coast are obtained fantastic.

Cave of the Carob tree - Mojácar - In the municipality of Mojácar numerous archaeological rest pertaining to the Neolithic one have been located, that they already confirm the presence of towns in these earth from that one time. Most outstanding they were located in the Cave of the Carob tree.

Place of the Kitchen gardens - Mojácar - In the Place of the Kitchen gardens archaeological rest pertaining to the Neolithic End and at the age of Cobre, period between year 4,000 and the 2,000 are had shortage a.C.



Door of the City - Mojácar - the Door of the City comprises of the rest that are conserved of the wall that protected the population. It was constructed in century XVI and is formed by a means arc point on which the shield of Mójacar is placed. In his origins it was the main entrance to the town, until the construction of the new access. Their environs were the place where formerly the market was realised.

Puerta de la Ciudad - Mojácar

House of the Tower - Mojácar - the House of the Tower is one beautiful building located in the old helmet of Mojácar. In his origins it was used as place of collection of the taxes and at present has become a pension. One is located near the Door of the City.

Arc of Luciana - Mojácar - the Arc of Luciana is another one of the rest that are conserved of the old wall.

Place Flowers - Mojácar - the Place Flowers is the place where the Suburb begins, old Jewish district of laberínticas streets.

Suburb - Mojácar - the Suburb is an old located Jewish district outside the enclosure walled that formerly surrounded the population, in the neighborhood of the Place of the Flowers. It was constructed between centuries XVII and XIX. Their laberínticas streets and zoomings, floods of decorated white houses with flowers deserve special mention. It is a zone of great beauty.

Source Blackberry - Mojácar - the Source Blackberry of Mojácar is located near the Place of the Flowers and is also well-known like Source of the twelve sewers, that were realised in a reform in century XIX. From his origins it was used by his inhabitants to drink, to wash and to water his plants.

Fuente Mora - Mojácar

Mojácar Old - Mojácar - the Mojácar the Old man was the first prehistoric establishment of Mojácar. It was located in a hill next to the sea, next to the mouth of the Aguas river. In their environs important rest pertaining to the Roman time have been located.

Castle of Macenas - Mojácar - the Castle of Macenas was constructed in century XVIII to borders of the Mediterranean Sea, in the neighborhood of the Beach of Castle of Macenas. At present its tower, well-known is only conserved with the name of Tower of Macenas. Monument of Cultural Interest has been declared.



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