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Mojácar invites to the sport. Their ample and long beaches are a reclamation for all the lovers of the activities in contact with the sea.

It is possible to be enjoyed the emotion of the candle. in table or boat. the speedboat racing. or the water skiing. and of the passion of the fishing. in boat. starting off of the near sport port of Pulley. or from the coast. since. without a doubt. the bet will be compensated by the marine wealth and the beauty of this part of the Mediterranean coast.

In clear waters and I am transparent of its virgin coves inhabit starfishes. conches. sponges. sprocket wheels. pulpy. chorales and a great variety of fish like bream. sea bream. the false codfish. mere or corvallo. that they will amuse to divers and submariners.

Also they are possible to be practiced without leaving the beach other sports like soccer. the volleyball. or even. table tennis. in the places and facilities reserved for its practice. If what it is preferred to play a good game of petanca. seasoned opponents in the existing fields safe from the trees of the parquecillos will always be able to be found that there are in his border.

There will be one who prefers a different or variable contact with the nature. in which case. the mountain. the tempering climate of Mojácar throughout the year and its impressive landscape. they make the practice of the senderismo and montañismo exquisite. that they will discover through his innumerable paths and incredible ways to us treasures that without a doubt will award the made an effort travellers. And. for calmest. they will always be the romantic strolls by extensive beaches or their precious one and taken care of marine stroll.

To mount to horse. to play tennis. squach. paddle. mini-golf. booling. or to receive the aerial baptism being contemplated the panorama from the air. they are others of the many sport options between which it is possible to be chosen. but. we can say. without fear to mistake to us. that nowadays the true sport king in Mojácar is Golf. whose projection and the generalization of their practical one is already an unstoppable reality.

Diving/aquatic Sports

- Samoa Club (in front of the Indalo Town): tlfs: 666-442263/950-478490.Centro Nautical Activities.

- Mojácar Diving (together Indalo Hotel): tlfs: 629-049229/950-472760. www.alhamar.es/cebm

- Indalo Divers (Complex the Gull) Telfs. 610 -800921 and 610-575768.

- Scube Jive Mojácar (next to the Red Cross) Telfs. 950-473136 and 606-182696.

- Soul of Sea, Marine Hotel Sea. Alessandro and Manuela. Telfs. 627-498518 and 697-687588 www.almademar.com

Alma de Mar

- Club of Candle Santa Irene (Beach of the Cantal): 950 475157.

- Sub and Sub (together Corner of Diego) Telfs. 950-478908 and 637-828196

-. Center Diving Coal Gills: tlfs: 950-454471 www.branquias.com

- Villaricos Sub: tlfs. 950-467717/670-425624. www.villaricossub.com

- Sport VivaRiva Center (Villaricos): tlfs: 950-467572/679-241908. www.vivarivasports.com

- Center of Diving Alpha (San jOse) Telf.950-380321. www.alphabuceo.com

-. Center of Isub Diving (San jOse): Telf. 950-380004. www.isubsanjose.com

- School of Candle of Pulley. Telfs.669-324656


Mojácar. it enjoys an exceptional climate. the services of the high level. dream beaches. an interesting historical past. an exceptional cultural life and a region in height. Elements that do one of the most recent destinies preferred for the lovers of Golf.

Marina Golf Mojácar

The modern golf course “Marine Mojácar Golf”. with Thorny design of Ramon. it was inaugurated in the spring of 2001 .en an extraordinary location. in the coast of Mojácar.

One is divided in two differentiated zones. one next to the sea and other protected by a hill. It is located in the Marine urbanization of the Tower. residential zone that also counts on the services of its neighboring hotels: four establishments of four stars abiertos in both last years and a future hotel five stars.

The field has 18 holes. Pair 72. Very attractive and commercial. it amuses the player. since each hole is different from the previous one and it makes possible to him to use 14 woods of his stock market.
It offers Restaurant. Cafeteria. Store. Rent of material. School. rent of boogies.

Marine Mojácar Golf.
Marine urbanization of the Tower
Telf.950133235 - Fax.950133230
e: mail: info@marinagolf.com

Closely together is Great Cortijo Golf. in the Mountain range of Goatherd. in the municipal term of Turre. to 6 km of Mojácar. Of flat design. it emphasizes by his interesting adaptation to means. surrounded by vegetation with fruit trees. that they grant an own personality to him. Field designed by Jauy Polansky. abierto in 1976. it has 9 holes.

Great Cortijo Golf. Turre.
Tel.950479176 - Fax. 950468175, granfe@larural.es

The recent field Valley of the East Golf Club. in the municipal term of Side. to 17 K m of Mojácar. it offers 18 holes designed by Jose Channels. integrating the native vegetation in a field of spectacular routes. where would be to emphasize his tees. small platforms in stop surrounded by ample and generous volcanic stone and his greenes.

Valley of the East Golf Club.
Information and reserves 950398743
e: mail: clubdegolf@valledeleste.es

Also in this region. the first desert golf course of Europe is placed. Designed in the style of Arizona. where its route presents/displays a series of different elements. how they are cactus. rocks. brooks and búnkeres. that they confer a very exciting character to him. Desert Spring Golf. in the municipal term of Caves of the Almanzora. one is 12 km of Mojácar and offers a 72 pair and one length of 6,173 meters.

Desert Spring Golf.
Telf.950467104 - Fax. 950467209
e: mail:desertspring@almanzora.com

Mini Golf Putt Putt. Beach of the Cantal. Telf. 667652887





One of the best forms to know Mojácar is entering in its mountain ranges and mounts through the ways and paths that conform a framework that crosses its entrails. One is a unique experience to take advantage of the bonanza his climate to enjoy the beauty of a surprising and singular landscape. sometimes desert. steep and other times level or wooded. that is cultivated field of towers that as soon as they resist proud the passage of time. and of small cortijadas and cortijos targets. more of the solitary times. mysterious and simultaneously cosy. that they insinuate the character of the people who inhabited them to a day.

From any mount or hill an exquisite view is descried that remains recorded in the retina by its white special luminosity that is united to the resistance and the hundreds of shades of blue and of Eastern aroma of the structures that conform the set of the town. the sky and the sea.

Its nature is very alive and rich. it pretends in spite of it. as much from the botanical point of view like zoological. and even cinegetic. It is a field that smells of rosemary and thyme. in that they coexist retama and esparto along with vegetal endemismos of great scientific importance like the Limonium estevei or the Narcisus tortifolius that can happen unnoticed to our eyes through their great scientific peculiarity.

In spurs of Mountain range Goatherd it exists a great variety of timid reptiles and already surprises the ornithological abundance in all the zone. in height and the level one. nesting in its higher hills the vultures and eagles. whereas in perennial moist soils of the coast. catalogued of maximum interest by zoologists. several species of native fauna and step can be contemplated throughout the year close by. like herons. you even add and. in winter. some pairs of cormorants that are entertained fishing in their migratory step.

Routes of senderismo as the one of Sopalmo by the coast or the one of the Mountain range they let to us show to us to privileged natural viewpoints that will take to us to cortijadas places and of names with Arab reminiscences like Low Jaciz. Aljuezar through the Boulevard of Alfaix. in the end to feel that it has deserved the realised effort to surpass the obstacles that happen frequently throughout the way.


- Cave of the Wolf: (Mojácar beach). Telf.: 950-478991.

- Horses Goatherd. (Turre). 950-528080.

- Equestrian Center Mediates Legua. (Ctra. de Pulley-Side). Tel 690632729.


- Marine of the Tower (Mojácar) 18 HOLES: Telf.: 950-133235. www.marinagolf.com

- Great Cortijo (Turre) 9 HOLES: Telf.: 950-479176/950-468176. www.cortijogrande.net

- Desert Springs. (Caves of the Almanzora) 18 HOLES: Telf. 950-467104. www.almanzora.com

Valley of the East (Side) 18 HOLES: Telf.: 950-460887. www.valledeleste.com


- Western Leone: telf. 950-165405. www.westerleone.com

- Oasys Mini Park Hollywood: tlf. 950-365236. www.playasenator.com

- Texas Hollywood: telf. 950-165458. www.fort-bravo.com


- Sport Natur: 950-364704.

- The Summit: 629-416988/608-955781.


- Marine Excursions, Sighting of Dolphins (Pulley): 626 653 391/609 859908

- Coast of Nijar (Coal): 676 532456 /676 509569

- Nautical San jOse Port. Strolls in sailboat: 667 78 63 30.

- Adventure Cabo de Gata: 610369164


- Mojacar Quad Trek´s: Telf. 950 478612 and 637925505. www.mojacarquadtreks.com

- Scube Jive Mojácar (next to the Red Cross): 950 473136, 606182696


- Indalo - Wings: Tlf: 670 292185 (closed temporarily)

- Flying club Side: 607 316 553, Ctra. Side - Caves of the Almanzora. lotti4@gmx.de


- Scuba Jive Mojácar (next to the Red Cross): 950 473136, 606182696

- M&M Hire & Sales You center (next to Indalo Town): 950 615 343

- Bicis Montoya Pulley. Tlf: 950 133033.

- Carib ´Scoots (against Marine H Port): 639 734 297 (Rent motorcycles) 10 to 20h

- Indalo Quads (in front Marine H. Port): 950 450 343 (Rent of Quads) 10 to 20h


- Club Mata: Tlf: 950 61 50 73


- Beach Side Club: Tlf: 950 13 23 45 Ls to V and Sundays: 8:30 to 14h and 17 to 22:30 h (closed Saturday)

Covered swimming pool Mariana Pineda (Side) Telf. 950 392 764 Ls to V: 8-14h and 15-22-30h Sap: 8-14 and 15-22h D: 9-14h


In the environs he is interesting to visit the Natural place of yesares of you suck and his caves. Once and in the direction of the desert of Taverns he is very interesting there to visit the oil mill and make-museum of of best oils of the world. (Castle of Taverns) Tlf: 950 525 048 www.castillodetabernas.com

In caves of Almanzora he is interesting to also visit its caves.

The Natural park of the Cabo de Gata is a site that is due to visit by its botanical wealth, biological and landscaping. This Integra park four zones of very different landscape: the southern slope of the mountain range of Cabo of cat has a incalculable value like volcanic mountain example; to the west of the end of Cat the salt mines with his sand dunes fine it is obligatory to visit it and the zones of the marine strip. www.esp.andalucia.com/espectaculo/

Interesting localities to visit: The salt mines, Viewpoint the Amethyst, Islet of the Moor and the diverse beaches like the one of the genoveses in San jOse. Nijar, the beach of the Arc and the coves of Mónsul, of the crow etc.

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