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Mojácar this filled one with archaeological rest of diverse prehistoric times. One thinks that it is the cradle of the Argar Culture, finding rest of this time in the Cave of the Carob tree. Later, they arrived celtas, Greek, Phoenician and Roman. These last ones have left to rest in the zone of Mojácar the Old man us.

In century V it is invaded by the visigodos that remain here until century VIII, moment at which the Muslim stage begins, that will last until century XV. With the arrival of the Christians, the mayor Moor surrenders to Kings Católicos in exchange for being able to remain in his earth coexisting pacifically with the Christians. But in century XVI, they are expelled definitively.

In century XVI, Carlos V grants the title to him of City. In this Mojácar century remodela, is finished constructing the church and the walls become small and they are abren to take step to an increase of the population.

In century XIX, the mining activity gives a fort pushes the economy. It appears the mining railroad, this hard until the I World war, moment at which stops the activity, beginning a period of emigration. In the middle of century XX the tourism gives a new impulse him to Mojácar, turning it into the referring one that is at present.

  Historia : Mojacar
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