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Mojacar I put beaches for all the pleasures; small coves and extensive sandy grounds in the heat of nature in its majority virgin, solitary fine sand beaches and sea bream of volcanic resistances and some naturistas, that extend throughout 17 kilometers.

Beach of the Granatillas Small devoid isolated beach of any type of infrastructure nor service of public use, but that presents/displays the peculiarity of the reddish color of its sand.

Playa de las Granatillas

Beach of the Sombrerico the Beach of the Sombrerico is separated from urban nuclei and with a low degree of occupation.

Playa del Sombrerico

Beach of Castle of Extensive Macenas rock beach and gray sand, with good natural surroundings, but that it does not present/display great affluence of visitors.

Playa de Castillo de Macenas

Beach of the Cantal Beach of urban character that has all type of services and facilities that contribute to the high degree of occupation that presents/displays.

Playa del Cantal

Beach of Cave of the Wolf Beach located in the tourist complex of the Indalo Town, totally equipped and to which him the award of the Blue Flag has been otrogado.

Playa de Cueva del Lobo


Beach of the Unloader Beach with great affluence of people who have all type of necessary equipment to the use of the public.

Playa del Descargador

Beach of the Rumina gray sand Beach and burdens, located in urban surroundings of known low houses like the Palmeral and that presents/displays a high degree of occupation.

Playa de la Rumina

Beach of Navy of the Tower gray sand Beach that enjoys a good equipment for the use of the public who the visit.

Playa de Marina de la Torre

Mojácar Beaches without barriers


The City council of Mojácar. harnessing the accessibility of beaches and within a program of suppression of barriers. it puts at the disposal of need those who it by reasons for movable incapacity. two amphibious chairs that will be located in the houses of rescue of two beaches awarded with Blue flag.

Also from the Council of Tourism one inquires that later and fruit into collaboration and cessions on the part of associations and industralists. they will get up major number of chairs. based on the demand of the same.
The Chairs are designed to enjoy the beach and the bath in the sea. the sand and pebbles move on. they float with its passenger. they are very comfortable and they need the aid a unique person.

Volunteers of Protection Civil and the Red Cross will be in charge to help the handicapped people need that it to arrive until the border. through the installed footbridges. who with the company of a relative or friend will be able to remain within the water and to enjoy the high quality of bath waters of this From Almeria locality.

Mojácar. with its customary discharges numbers of summer occupation. near the 100%. it is developing to this year a still more special effort in the matter of cleaning and beach maintenance. that they are highly being valued in the quality indices that throw the surveys to visitors of the Office of Tourism.


Pueblo Dorado I
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